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Information Technology Services Division
Ward Hall



The Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) mission is to develop, manage, and integrate information technology systems at USNA. In this capacity, Information Technology Services provides information technology products, services, and capabilities for over 7,000 computer users on the Yard and well over 30,000 computer users enterprise-wide, involving educational systems, management information resources, life cycle management budgeting, purchasing, maintenance, development, network capabilities, and technical consulting.

Customer and Network Profile

The entire customer profile consists of:

  • 7,000 midshipmen, faculty and staff
  • 2,000 Blue and Gold Officers
  • 2,200 Naval Academy Summer Seminar participants
  • 20,000 applicants
  • 1,000 Congressional Staff
  • 1,000 NROTC students

This profile describes a diverse customer base reaching far beyond the walls of the Yard. Also, the “Computing Enterprise” consists of:

  • 48,000 wall outlets/data ports
  • 100 virtual local area networks
  • 407 wireless access points supporting 5000 wireless users
  • 7,500 voice ports
  • 99 channels of TV
  • 8 VTC sites.

Information Technology Services supports numerous web-based (intranet and extranet) systems as well. Finally, as a .edu, USNA has unique software and hardware requirements. At last count, over 470 discipline specific software applications and five enterprise software systems (e.g., MIDS, AIS, and NSTAR) were supported. Information Technology Services provides this full customer support within a matrix organization, consisting of civilian, military and contracted employees.

Systems and Technologies

In accomplishing its mission, Information Technology Services developed several systems designed to meet the Naval Academy's mission requirements. Information Technology Services supports the network infrastructure, administrative and academic applications, web services, yard-wide life cycle management and maintenance of computing devices and the telephone system. Information Technology Services also provides support for the midshipman microcomputer procurement as well as other investment procurements. Information Technology Services designs and develops technologies to move the Naval Academy into the future. 

As articulated by Diana G. Oblinger, President and CEO of EDUCAUSE, in her book, Game Changers, Education and Information Technologies, we understand and appreciate the valuable role of Information Technology in education and enterprise management. She states, “Colleges and universities are complex adaptive systems where people and technology can work together to create value. The college or university learning experience is more than “the classroom.” For institutions to make the best use of technology to address educational needs, they must understand the learner and design the desired experiences, taking into account the many social, technical, and intellectual interactions among students, faculty, and staff; the organization; and the infrastructure.”


Information Technology Services consists of the following six departments

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