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Information Technology Services Division

Software Development Life Cycle

Requirements Definition - Users define what it is they want, explain their business processes and how database automation could assist them. Some things to consider: What format will the data be in? Who is to have access the data and what type of privileges should they have - read, write, modify, delete? How often is the data changed? How often will the data be accessed? How long must the data be retained? Does the data need to be transferred to another organization outside USNA? Users can initiate a request for a development project by submitting an IT Web Help Desk ticket.

  • Design - How the requirements will be implemented into the database, what modifications are to be made to the existing system, what might the screen shots and output look like. If there are any limitations or constraints on what can be built it will be identified in this phase.
  • Build - The actual coding phase. All software built is reviewed by an internal committee for compliance with established software standards.
  • Testing - Unit testing is conducted on each module of code. Integration testing and User acceptance testing is conducted after all code is completed.
  • Documentation - Business process documentation is prepared and placed on-line. Help Text is incorporated within the final system.
  • User Training - If new capabilities have been introduced or significant enhancements have been completed, user training is conducted for the various types of users who would be using the new or enhanced features.
  • Implementation - Once all software is built, tested, and documented it is deployed into the production environment so users can incorporate the new capabilities into their day-to-day work routines.
  • Maintenance - If any enhancements are required or problems are encountered with any deployed system, users are to submit an IT Web Help Desk request.
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