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Leader Development & Research

Vision Statement

The Department of Leader Development & Research (LDR) is the bridge between Leadership, Education, & Development (LEAD) Division’s curricular programs that reside in the Leadership, Ethics and Law Department and USNA experiential leader programs.  LDR's charter is to draw connections between the behavioral science theory taught in the classroom and experiential leadership practice.  LDR is a customer focused academic department.  Additionally, LDR Department serves as the nexus for leader development research at USNA to include the Midshipmen Development in Experiential Leader Programs study.  LDR is committed to expanding Leader Development opportunities throughout the Brigade based on the needs of the institution in furthering the mission of the Naval Academy to “…graduate leaders dedicated to a career of naval service and…assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government.”

Our process of preparing leaders to inhabit and excel in their roles prior to the leadership experience, and guiding leaders through their reflection of unfolding and past experiences is further focused by our Core Tenants of:

Integrate curriculum into Leader Development Experiences

Expand Leader Development opportunities throughout the Brigade

Assess the effectiveness of the Leader Development Experience through Guided Reflection

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