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Center for Experiential Leadership Development

Expeditionary Experiential Leadership Activities

The CELD supports several Experiential Leadership Activities through multiple organizations.

Aerial Boundaries programs are based on the principals of mountain guide leadership where Midshipmen will operate in austere environments challenging them as teachers, coaches, interpreters, motivators, and community-builders. Through participation, Midshipmen will enhance technical skills and learn how to make decisions that take into consideration the security of the group, the overall objective, and how each individual can meet their full potential, directly correlating and opening new lanes to deal with leadership challenges faced at the US Naval Academy.

Please see the Aerial Boundaries Utah video to view documentary about the Aerial Boundaries' USNA  Expedition from Summer 2015.

NOLS Expeditions for the U.S. Naval Academy. NOLS courses are field-based, leadership practicums designed to support and compliment classroom leadership theory by allowing students to learn through real life leadership challenges in an austere and risk filled environment. For more information on USNA NOLS Expeditions, Please view the United States Naval Academy Leadership Expeditions Page.

View the NOLS Photo Gallery

USNA Summer Training With NOLS video!

USNA/NOLS Alaskan Sea Kayaking 2013.

USNA/NOLS Alaska Mountaineering 2013.

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