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Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law

CAPT David G. Smith, USN


CAPT David G. Smith, USN

Permanent Military Professor of Leadership
Assistant Professor of Sociology, United States Naval Academy

A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Captain David G. Smith graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography and was commissioned an Ensign in May 1987. Captain Smith commenced flight training in June 1987 and was designated a Naval Aviator in November 1988.

After completing fleet replacement training in the P-3C (MOD) aircraft at Patrol Squadron THIRTY-ONE, Naval Air Station Moffett Field, California, he reported to Patrol Squadron SEVENTEEN, Naval Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii in June 1989. Captain Smith made one deployment to Naval Air Station Adak, Alaska and a tri-site deployment during Operation DESERT STORM to Naval Support Facility, Diego Garcia; Masirah, Oman and Naval Air Facility, Kadena, Japan. Prior to deploying to Diego Garcia, he completed transition to the P-3C UPDATE I aircraft. He served as the Aircrew Training Officer, Maintenance Administration and Training Officer, Schedules Officer and NATOPS Officer.

Captain Smith reported to Patrol Squadron THIRTY, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida as a Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) Instructor Pilot in June 1992. He served as the Power Plants Branch Officer and Pilot Training Officer.

He reported as the Flag Lieutenant for Commander EISENHOWER Battle Group/Cruiser-Destroyer Group EIGHT, Norfolk, Virginia in May 1995 and participated in Exercise Unified Endeavor 96-1, All Service Combat Identification Evaluation Team (ASCIET) 1995, Mountain Top Joint Exercise and Combined Joint Exercise Unified Spirit 96.

Captain Smith was assigned to the Naval Bureau of Personnel, Aviation Assignments, Arlington, Virginia in May 1996 and served as the Maritime Patrol Aviation Shore and Sea detailer.

After completing FRS refresher training, he reported to Patrol Squadron NINE, Naval Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii in March 1998. Captain Smith served as the Safety/NATOPS Officer, Training Officer and Operations Officer completing two multi-site deployments to Diego Garcia/ Masirah, Oman/ Bahrain and Misawa/ Kadena, Japan. Patrol Squadron NINE was the first squadron to transition to and deploy with the Aircraft Improvement Program (AIP) P-3C.

In August 2000 he reported to Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. He served as Current Operations Officer, Assistant Chief of Staff for Manpower and Personnel (N1), and Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations (N3). During this tour he attended the University of San Diego and graduated in March 2003, earning a Master of Science Degree in Global Leadership.

Captain Smith assumed the duties as Executive Officer, Patrol Squadron FOUR in April 2003 and subsequently completed a Misawa/Kadena, Japan deployment flying in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM-Philippines. As Commanding Officer, he led the squadron on the first VP squadron deployment to Bahrain, Afghanistan, and Djibouti, with numerous detachments throughout the FIFTH and SEVENTH Fleets. During this deployment, the squadron was recognized for their combat support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM flying over 110 combat sorties overland Iraq and Afghanistan. The squadron was also one of the first Navy units on scene supporting Operation UNIFIED ASSISTANCE and the relief efforts for the Indian Ocean tsunami victims.

Reporting to the OPNAV staff in May 2005, he served as the Sea Strike Information Operations Military Capability Package Lead for the Integration, Programming, and Analysis Division (N70). In December 2005, he was selected to be the Executive Assistant to the Director, Capability Analysis and Assessment Division (N81).

Captain Smith was selected for the Navy Permanent Military Professor Program in April 2006 and commenced studies at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Department of Sociology in August 2006. He graduated in May 2010 with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Sociology with specialty areas in Military Sociology and Social Psychology. Upon completion of his doctoral degree, he reported to the United States Naval Academy Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law to assume his duties as a Permanent Military Professor.

His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and various unit awards and campaign medals.

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