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Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law

CDR Joseph McInerney, USN


CDR Joseph McInerney, USN

Permanent Military Professor of Ethics

  •  Phone: (410) 293-6032
  •  E-mail:
    •   Department of Leadership, Ethics, Law, Luce Hall (Mail Stop 7-B) 112 Cooper Road Annapolis, MD 21402-5022

Commander Joe McInerney is Permanent Military Professor of Applied Ethics in the Leadership, Ethics, and Law Department at the United States Naval Academy.  Commander McInerney lectures in the Naval Academy’s core ethics course, Moral Reasoning for Naval Leaders, which is offered to all Third Class Midshipman (sophomores) at the Naval Academy.  In addition to his teaching duties, Commander McInerney serves on the Academy’s advisory board for ethics curriculum revisions, and is an academic adviser for Fourth Class Midshipman (freshmen).  He is a member of the Naval Academy Faculty Senate Committee for Academic Assessment and is the LEAD Division Assessment Committee Co-Chair.  CDR McInerney also serves as the Officer Representative for the Naval Academy’s Men’s Varsity Basketball Team. 

Prior to joining the Naval Academy faculty, Commander McInerney served as a Surface Warfare Officer aboard USS Iwo Jima and USS Trenton.  He completed two Mediterranean Sea deployments and participated in Operation Continue Hope, executing the amphibious withdrawal of U. S. Marines from Somalia in March of 1994, as well as Operation Support Democracy off the coast of Haiti the following summer.  In 2001 Commander McInerney transitioned to the Navy’s Human Resources community.  Serving in a variety of recruiting leadership positions, CDR McInerney had the opportunity to lead three different departments of recruiters to the top rankings in the Navy’s national recruiting competitions.  Following that success Commander McInerney was named national director of the Navy’s Officer Candidate School recruiting mission and subsequently worked as an action officer on the Chief of Naval Operations staff in Washington DC.

Commander McInerney served as a Fellow at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the United States Naval Academy for the 2008-2009 academic year.  In August of 2008 he was selected for the Navy Permanent Military Professor Program.  He graduated from The Catholic University of America with a doctorate in systematic theology in October 2012 after completing a dissertation on the moral thought of Augustine of Hippo.  Commander McInerney also holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the United States Naval Academy and a Masters of Theological Studies from the Pontifical Lateran University.

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