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Leadership Conference

2018 Conference Panels

Panel 1: Leading through Adversity and Overcoming Hardship

We are always told to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but what is our course of action when the worst case scenario becomes reality? Challenges are inevitable in any leadership environment, and there comes a point where there are only two things a leader can control: their actions and attitude.

Panel 2: Challenging the Status Quo

In order to advance, we cannot remain stagnant.  The status quo may need to be challenged, and what’s comfortable may need to become uncomfortable. Whether initiating change from the bottom up or the top down, you will be blazing a new trail. This challenge to the status quo oftentimes comes with barriers including push back and harsh criticism from both peers and superiors; yet, change that will improve the organization or team may be worth fighting for. How do we initiate and persevere through the storms of change?

Panel 3: Compassion vs Stoicism

When emotions are strained and the pressure is on, a team will look to its leader for direction. What is the best tactic for leaders to create “buy in,” reassure, and motivate their teams? Is it best to repress one’s emotions and remain a passive force, or is it more effective for a leader to show their compassion? Which character traits give a team the best chance of success during a time of difficulty?



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