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Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall

Panel 1

Planning & Preparing for Crisis: Not If, But When

Planning for Crisis: Not If, But When, introduces participants to the practical aspects of crisis leadership. The panel aims to make conference participates realize that they will all lead in times of crisis and help them to prepare for those moments.


Shoshana S.Chatfield
CAPT Shoshana S. Chatfield, USN

Jeff Sternlicht
Dr. Jeff Sternlicht, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.

Marsha J. (''Marty'') Evans
RADM Marsha J. (''Marty'') Evans, USN (Ret.)

Brent W. Jett
CAPT Brent W. Jett Jr., USN (Ret.)


CAPT Mark H Adamshick, USN

Director, Division of Leadership, Education and Development, US. Naval Academy

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