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Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall

Panel 3

Stress and Crisis: Physiological and Emotional Challenges

Stress and Crisis: Physiological and Emotional Challenges, brings together a professor of psychology, an Army combat commander, a sports psychologist and an experienced Navy Admiral to address the human dimensions of leadership under stress. The combination of military and civilian perspectives on stress during crisis will prove to be an extremely interesting blend as the panel's remarks address everything from 'hitting the wall' in sports to the importance of maintaining creativity in a stressful environment.


Charles R. Carlson
Dr. Charles R. Carlson

Christopher P. Hughes
COL Christopher P. Hughes, USA

Terry B. Kraft
RADM Terry B. Kraft, USN

Roberta Vasko Kraus
Dr. Roberta Vasko Kraus


CDR Anthony P. Doran, MSC, USN

Leadership, Ethics, & Law Department, USNA

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