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Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall

Panel 1

Trailblazing: What is Visionary Leadership?

A visionary leader operates on unbroken ground, trailblazing through uncharted territory. This panel will explore what defines visionary leadership. Can one develop the ability to provide visionary leadership and how does this differ from traditional leadership and management in an organization? An innovative and original vision cannot rely on instructions or contingency plans to function because examples do not exist. Visionary leaders must set the precedent for how they operate as the first in their field. How does one muster the strength to defend the validity or merit of the vision? How can a visionary leader reconcile the creativity of the vision with the requirements of one's job?


Herman Boone
Mr. Herman Boone

Julie L. Nethercot
Lieutenant Colonel Julie L. Nethercot, USMC

Albert C. Pierce
Dr. Albert C. Pierce

Ray Smith
Rear Admiral Ray Smith, USN (Ret.)


Dr. Joseph A. Thomas

USNA Class of 1961 Chair and Distinguished Professor of Leadership Education

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