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Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall

Panel 3

Eluding Failure, The Catalyst for Change

Our ever-changing global environment requires successful organizations to remain steps ahead of the threats to their viability, if not to their existence.  These organizations are powered by leadership willing to move in a different direction from the mainstream—relying on innovation, inspiration and reinvention to evade failure altogether.  But, there is great risk involved in deviating off track.  When does it make sense for a leader to be a game changer versus playing it safe?  How does a leader gauge whether the risk is worth the reward when deviating off course? How does a leader overcome traditional and inherent resistance to organizational change? 


Craig Malloy
Mr. Craig Malloy

David Gardner
Mr. Dave Gardner

Rodrigo Canales
Dr. Rodrigo Canales

John Nagl
Lieutenant Colonel John Nagl, USA (Ret.), PhD


Dr. W. Brad Johnson

Professor of Psychology, Division of Leadership Education and Development

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