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Leadership Conference

2023 Conference Panels

Panel 1: Strength through Adversity - The League of Wives
Description: Holocaust surivivor Elie Wiesel once wrote “Even in darkness it is possible to create light.” In the same vein, this panel will look to discuss the power behind being positive in trials and clinging to the light in darkness. Hope and positivity are often the only thing that victims can cling to, yet it is also one of the first things to dissipate when faced with troubles. How does one remain focused on the end goal when the outside circumstances overpower one’s thoughts? How did you create light within a dark time? When there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, what do you draw strength from?
Moderator: Ms. Heath Hardage Lee
Panelist: Mrs. Andrea Rander


Panel 2: A Flag Officer's View: The Front Line to the Home Front
Description: The responsibility officers have to ensure the welfare of their subordinates and success of the mission takes a toll, even to the most senior leaders. This panel will discuss the impact of significant traumatic events that have grasped the lives of both their people and themselves and the methods which they found most effective.We will explore how officers with decades of experience process challenges within their communities and move forward. With a large number of people under their command, ultimately, there are many more trials than the average officer. What does endurance look like from moving from a setback to a success? How do you deal with a setback on deployment and return with honor?
Moderator: MIDN 1/C Madeline Cashion
  • BG Rhonda Cornum, USA, Ret.
  • RADM Margaret Klein, USN, Ret.
  • MajGen Charles Bolden Jr., USMC, Ret.
Panel 3: Boots to Business: Leading in the Military and Private Sectors
With the weight of deployments and missions in the past, the civilian sector stares veterans in the face. Boots to Business will discuss the transition from the military and the lessons learned into the corporate world. The focus will be on specific military traits that stand out in business, the veteran support and community, as well as how these business plans were sparked. What does the transition look like from military to corporation? What lessons have been implemented into your company that you learned in the military? What are some similarities and differences in the leadership between the military and owning a business? How has your work in the civilian sector helped you assimilate into society? How can we support veterans coming into the private sector?

Moderator: MIDN 2/C Richard Poist
  • Mr. Chris Sambar
  • LtCol Joey Fay, USMCR
  • Mrs. Caitlin Hardy



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