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Leadership Conference
1938 plaque at the library
1938 plaque at the library

Class of 1938

Of the 438-member Class of 1938 graduates:

  • 34 retired as flag/general officers(five 3-stars)
  • 220 retired as Captain/Colonel
  • 421 served in World War II
  • 4 were interred as POW's
  • 43 died as the result of enemy action (42 in WWII, 1 in Korea)
  • In the battles at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Java Sea, Coral Sea, Okinawa, Solomon Island, Savo Island, and Kahili
  • In the sinking of the Wasp, Cisco, Amberjack, Jarvis, Houston, Helena, Pillsbury, Grampus, Pickerel, Chemung, Capelin and Corvina
  • In action on the Truxton, Monaghan, Hazlewood, Sea Dragon, Cushing, Turner, Bunker Hill and Barbel
  • 1 in the Fukuoka POW Camp
  • 20 died in the line of duty
  • 86 served through WWII, Korea, and Vietnam
  • 78 served 30 years or more(the longest career was 38 years)
  • They were awarded a total 24 Navy Crosses, 70 Silver Stars, 146 Bronze Stars and 44 Distinguished Flying Crosses

The Class of 1938 also sponsors the U.S. Naval Academy's Midshipman Leadership Library.

Rear Admiral McNitt

Rear Admiral Robert W. McNitt, USN (Ret.)

Former Class President, Former Superintendent Naval Postgraduate School, Former U. S. Naval Academy Dean of Admissions and Distinguished Graduate Awardee 2003

The 2013 Conference was dedicated in memory of Rear Admiral McNitt, USN (Ret.)

Link To Dedication Page

Rear Admiral Rindskopf

Rear Admiral Maurice H. Rindskopf, USN (Ret.)

Class President, World War II Submarine Skipper, Former Director of Naval Intelligence and Distinguished Graduate Awardee 2007

The 2012 Conference was dedicated in memory of Rear Admiral Rindskopf, USN (Ret.)

Link To Dedication Page


Rear Admiral Paul G. Schultz, USN (Ret.)

Naval Academy Athletics Hall of Fame Recipient, Bronze Star with "V" for Valor Recipient, Navy Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Research and Development, Field Command

The 2015 Conference was dedicated in memory of Rear Admiral Paul G. Schultz, USN (Ret.)

Link to Dedication Page

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