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Leadership Conference

2018 Conference Staff

  • Johnston, Tayler

    MIDN 1/C Chairman MIDN Johnston hails from the small town of Rock Creek, Ohio. She is a proud member of the 27th Company. MIDN Johnston is passionate about Political Science, and is honored to serve as the President of the Model United Nations Team in addition to her position as the 2018 Leadership Conference Chairman. Upon graduation, MIDN Johnston will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.
  • TaylerJohnston.jpg

  • Sheeks, Cady

    MIDN 1/C Vice Chairman Cady Sheeks is from Goldsboro, North Carolina and belongs to 17th Company. She is an Honors English major. She is involved at USNA by serving as a Peer Writing Center Tutor and a member of Catholic Daughters of America. Her father is a graduate of the United States Military Academy (’84) and served 20 years as first as an infantry officer in the 82nd Airborne and then laterally transferred to intelligence. Her sister graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 2014 and is serving as an intelligence officer. Her mother and father, Jean Marie and Jerry Sheeks, are a huge inspiration to her. She loves to write and hopes to pursue a career in which she can utilize her skills as a writer. She has selected Surface Warfare.
  • CadySheeks.jpg

  • Lindauer, Dan

    MIDN 1/C Operations Officer MIDN Daniel Lindauer grew up on a pork farm on the edge of the village of Smithton, Illinois. MIDN Lindauer is a proud member of the Third Herd (3rd Company), and is a Mechanical Engineering major. He is a member of the USNA Paintball team. Upon graduation, MIDN Lindauer will be heading to Pensacola, Florida to begin Naval Flight training as a Student Naval Aviator.
  • DanLindauer.jpg

  • Laplante, Marcel

    MIDN 1/C Logistics Officer Midshipman First Class Marcel Laplate is responsible for development of the conference schedule and all lodging and meal requirements.
  • MacelLaplante.jpg

  • Shawcross, Evan

    MIDN 1/C Curriculum Officer Midshipman First Class Evan Shawcross is responsible for the conference curriculum, to include development of the conference theme and panel descriptions, breakout group discussions, and conference program.
  • EvanShawcross.jpg

  • Morales, Mike

    MIDN 1/C Delegates Officer Mike Morales is the Delegates Officer for the 2017 Leadership Conference. From Hopewell Junction, New York he is a member of the 29th company. He is an Aerospace Engineering major with a minor in Spanish language and culture. Fluent in the languages of Spanish and Italian he enjoys to travel during time away from the academy. He will be attending flight school in Pensacola after the Naval Academy to become a Navy Pilot.
  • MichaelMorales.jpg

  • Craft, Andrew

    MIDN 1/C Speaker Officer Andrew Craft is the Speaker Officer for the 2018 Leadership Conference. He is in charge of contacting speakers and coordinating with them to and from the Conference. He grew up in Orange County, California with an older and younger brother. He is an Ocean Engineering major. Upon Commission he will enter into the Surface Warfare Community (SWO). He hopes to return to California some day and be reunited with “the best Mexican food” and the Pacific.
  • AndrewCraft.jpg

  • Bridges, Brandon

    MIDN 1/C Technology Officer Midshipman First Class Brandon Bridges is responsible for all technological requirements for the conference to include conference web design, advertisement and media support, and audio/visual support during conference execution.
  • BrandonBridges.jpg

  • Singh, Rahul

    MIDN 1/C Public Affairs Officer MIDN 1/C Singh is the Public Affairs Officer of the Leadership Conference. He grew up in Mount Olive, New Jersey and is a self-stated Italian food enthusiast. He will be commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.
  • Rahul-Singh-Photo.jpg

  • Ghaffari, Ali

    LCDR LCDR Ali Ghaffari is the Officer in Charge of the Leadership Conference. He currently teaches courses in the Leadership Department. He has spent the last fifteen years in the Navy flying F/A-18's, T-45's and a number of smaller aircraft.
  • Ali-Ghaffari-Photo.jpg
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