Leadership Conference

2017 Officers

  • Arsiwala, Akbar

    MIDN 1/C Chairman Midshipman First Class Akbar Arsiwala is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the conference. He provides oversight and guidance to the seven additional members of the Staff in their specific billets.

  • Villaneuva, James

    MIDN 1/C Vice Chairman Midshipman First Class James Villaneuva assists the Chairman directly in the overall planning and execution of the conference. He facilitates communication and coordination between the Chairman and Staff, as well as providing guidance and oversight for the Staff in their specific billets.

  • Scrudato, Michaela

    MIDN 1/C Operations Officer Midshipman First Class Michaela Scrudato is responsible for the operational planning of the conference to include the transportation requirements, training of midshipmen support staff and conference dedication arrangements.

  • McClellan, Ryan

    MIDN 1/C Logistics Officer Midshipman First Class Ryan McClellan is responsible for development of the conference schedule and all lodging and meal requirements.

  • Claudy, Sarah

    MIDN 1/C Curriculum Officer Midshipman First Class Sarah Claudy is responsible for the conference curriculum, to include development of the conference theme and panel descriptions, breakout group discussions, and conference program.

  • White, Ethan

    MIDN 1/C School Officer Midshipman First Class Ethan White is the coordinator and direct liaison for or all participating faculty and students during conference planning and execution.

  • Hernandez, Giovanni and Caddy Sheeks

    MIDN 1/C Speaker Officer Midshipmen Second Class Giovanni Hernandez and Cady Sheeks are the coordinators and direct liaisons for all participating speakers and panelists during conference planning and execution.

  • Hunter, Joseph

    MIDN 1/C Technology Officer Midshipman First Class Joseph Hunter is responsible for all technological requirements for the conference to include conference web design, advertisement and media support, and audio/visual support during conference execution.

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