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Leadership Conference

2019 Conference Panels

Panel 1: Bring Out the Best in People

Bring Out the Best in People will focus on understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the rest of one’s team. Relationships among the team require a base understanding of one’s self first, and being able to evaluate how one interacts with others. As a leader, it is essential to understand how to work together effectively. The panel will also focus on developing empathy and compassion in order to best encourage teamwork and a positive environment where everyone feels comfortable working together.

Panel 2: Leading Beyond Self

Leading Beyond Self will be a discussion about that imperative - but often times overlooked - concept that our responsibility as leaders is truly all about other people. As leaders, we can often get caught up in WHAT we’re responsible FOR rather than for WHOM we’re responsible. We can easily get caught up in tasks that need to be completed and/or accomplished.Our fundamental responsibility as leaders, however, is serving others. We must learn to serve whilst completely removing our egos. Devoid of ego, we open the door to actually hearing our people and maintaining a growth minded orientation. Finally, leading our teams and organizations without ego is one way we achieve clarity, promote creativity, exercise emotional balance, and display moral courage.

Panel 3: Leading from Within

Leading from Within will focus on gaining a better understanding of oneself in order to lead more effectively. An essential skill for leaders is being able to understand how and why one acts a certain way, and this process begins with looking within. The panel will discuss knowing and drawing on one’s own core values with confidence. The panel will also discuss the importance of self-compassion and support systems in order to maintain a positive and healthy mentality. Being able to recognize and address when stressors affect one’s performance is another important aspect of leadership. Learning how to combine one’s core values with proactive self-care practices will help leaders continue to grow.

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