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Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference
Group picture Leadership Conference

2007 Archive

Building the Bonds of Leadership

The Focus of LC07

"Building the Bonds of Leadership: People don't care what you know until they know you care" emphasizes our effort to explore fresh, relevant issues that tomorrow’s leadership will undoubtedly face. There are clear examples in both military and civilian environments where a leader with strong professional bonds with their peers and subordinates are able to achieve goals at a high level. Tomorrow’s leaders are entering a fast paced, highly technological world where bonds have begun to be replaced by leadership through e-mail and text messaging. To be successful in this challenging work force, our leaders will need to find the tough balance between technological efficiency and developing meaningful professional relationships. Core questions that emerge include: How does one develop a strong bond? What boundaries and obstacles are in place to hinder this development? Why is this important part of leadership often avoided?

Featured Speakers of LC07

Coach Dick Vermeil

Admiral Robert S. Harward Jr.

Mr. Joe Ehrmann

Mr. Bob Pittman

Colonel Arthur J. Athens, USMCR (Ret.)
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