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Leadership Conference

Mr. Ira Chaleff

Mr. Ira Chalef

Ira Chaleff is the author of The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leader, now in its 3rd edition, and co-editor of The Art of Followership: How Great Followers Make Great Leaders and Organizations, part of the Warren Bennis Leadership Series . He is the founder of the International Leadership Association’s Followership Learning Community and a member of the ILA Board. Ira was cited in the Harvard Business Review as one of the three pioneers in the growing field of followership studies. He has been named one of the “100 best minds on leadership” by Leadership Excellence magazine. Ira is president of Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates, and chairman emeritus of the non-partisan Congressional Management Foundation He has spoken at various Naval events and his work is used in officer training in other service branches. Ira lives in the greater Washington, DC area where he is adjunct faculty at Georgetown University.

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