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Nimitz Library

Furniture Installation

The first deck of Nimitz Library -- usually a center of activity on the yard -- was even busier during the spring semester of 2016 as this time lapse video shows. Between 29 January and 8 February, the library staff and contractors replaced all of the furniture, shelving, and workstations on the first deck. It was a welcome refresh as some of the replaced items dated back to the 1973 opening of the building.

The video also displays the remarkable accomplishment of making these upgrades during the semester when use of the library was at its peak. Such a feat required careful coordination and cooperation of the contractors performing the work, library staff who maintained a constant level of service throughout the process, and the midshipmen who adapted to a constantly fluctuating layout of the Nimitz first deck.

Highlights of the work include

  • replacement of individual computer carrels with 24 modern computer benches and desks of various sizes and shapes that facilitate both group and solo work,
  • new, more-comfortable chairs to go along with the computer benches and lounge chairs and coffee tables for study breaks,
  • installation of a new power systems to allow midshipmen to plug standard and USB power cords into outlets at the computer benches and use their own laptops,
  • demolition of the library’s original, 90-foot circulation desk and relocation of the circulation and reference desks to a central location improving accessibility and opening more floor space for other uses,
  • replacement and relocation of 24 total shelf ranges holding periodicals, audiovisual material, and reference and recreational reading with lower shelves making them more easily accessible and opening up one of the best views of the Severn River from the library.

Work was not confined to just the area captured in the video. Unseen is the installation of two new large-screen monitors displaying useful information and library announcements as soon as patrons enter. The project also included replacement of the furniture in the library’s instruction room and incorporation of rolling computer tables there. Much of the old furniture was claimed and reused by various departments and office throughout the Naval Academy.

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