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Nimitz Library

Mission Statement

Your connection to information and place for inspiration.

--- Nimitz Library Vision Statement

Nimitz Library provides learning environments, information resources, and expertise to foster research skills, critical thinking, and a spirit of lifelong inquiry to empower midshipmen, faculty, and staff to use information effectively and ethically.

Nimitz Library Strategic Goals

Access to Information

Nimitz Library provides the USNA community with seamless access to relevant information resources.


Nimitz Library develops collections that align with the USNA curriculum and sustain strengths appropriate to the United States Naval Academy. These collections address new programs' needs, respond to students' and faculty's expressed interests, and are subject to ongoing review. Digital collections based on the library's distinctive holdings adhere to national standards to assure their accessibility and portability. The library is committed to preservation, especially of its signature collections and other distinctive materials.

Information Fluency

We enhance midshipmen’s commitment to continual learning by teaching them principles and techniques for effective use of information.


In an environment that supports experimentation and innovation, Nimitz Library explores, evaluates, and implements technologies in order to deliver superior service. We offer formal and experiential opportunities to learn and use technology effectively. We work with partners to ensure a robust technology infrastructure.


Nimitz Library’s success is the product of a team of adaptable, engaged staff members who are open to new approaches to their work and dedicated to providing superior service to the USNA community. The library and staff partner in developing and growing individuals’ job competencies. We encourage staff to share their specialized knowledge by participating in and contributing to our profession.

Engagement and Outreach

Nimitz Library engages in an ongoing conversation with the members of the USNA community. We listen so we can respond better to their needs; we help them learn about the opportunities the library offers. We develop partnerships on the Yard and beyond that support the library’s and the Naval Academy’s missions.

Mission Last updated: 20 February 2013
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