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Nimitz Library

Mission Statement

Your connection to information and place for inspiration.

--- Nimitz Library Vision Statement

Nimitz Library provides learning environments, information resources, and expertise to foster research skills, critical thinking, and a spirit of lifelong inquiry to empower midshipmen, faculty, and staff to use information effectively and ethically.

Nimitz Library Strategic Plan 2020-2023


Cultivate the library’s collections and increase access to them in order to connect users to the information resources they need.


  • Expand access to digital resources, Open Access initiatives, open educational resources, and other approaches that improve equitable access to library resources for midshipmen, faculty, and staff.
  • Implement a new Library Services Platform designed to handle print and electronic resources and evolving metadata formats such as Dublin Core, MARCXML, RDA, and BIBFRAME.
  • Conduct an inventory of physical and electronic material in the library’s collections.
  • Create a Collection Management Plan in order to standardize policies and procedures.
  • Develop and maintain the collections - especially the library's signature collections related to naval history, naval heritage, and naval science - to support the mission of the U.S. Naval Academy.
  • Promote the rare and unique material within the library’s holdings.
  • Investigate developing an open access digital repository for collecting, preserving, and distributing the scholarly output of the Naval Academy.

Outreach & Yard-Wide Relations

Strengthen Nimitz Library as an integral part of the Naval Academy community in order to promote and improve library services and resources that support the academy's mission.


  • Develop strategic partnerships in order to position Nimitz Library as an essential part of the Naval Academy’s academic mission.
  • Develop and implement processes to understand the diverse needs and perspectives of Naval Academy midshipmen, faculty, and staff, in order to inform decisions related to services and resources.
  • Develop and implement improved branding and communication standards for Nimitz, in order to raise the library’s profile on the Yard.
  • Identify appropriate collaborations and programming for naval heritage, history, and science to amplify Nimitz Library’s position as one of the top academic libraries in these focal areas.


Provide and adapt services in order to support the needs of the Brigade of Midshipmen and, more generally, the mission of the academy.


  • Use a variety of modes, models, and approaches to help midshipmen develop the critical thinking skills necessary to find, evaluate, and use information ethically and effectively.
  • Work collaboratively with campus partners to promote, define, teach, and assess information literacy skills in ways that align with academic outcomes defined by the Naval Academy throughout the four-year curriculum.
  • Support Nimitz Library’s role as the de facto student center on campus by conducting, promoting, and assessing activities such as displays, presentations, or other activities to support midshipmen development, in collaboration with campus partners, beyond the traditional academic environment.
  • Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in library policies, practices, programming, and services in order to ensure all library users are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Review current services, expanding or contracting as necessary in order to maintain library functionality and support current, anticipated, and evolving policies.


Develop welcoming and intentionally designed library spaces in order to support the diverse needs of 21st-century library users.


  • Examine how and why library spaces are used in order to identify technology needs and other improvements that foster both group and individual study and promote co-curricular learning.
  • Implement improvements to the library space by thoughtfully maximizing and repurposing existing spaces.
  • Follow through on the first deck renovation with the development of a flexible and inviting space that promotes engagement among library staff, midshipmen, and the broader Naval Academy community, featuring improved signage and wayfinding.
  • Press for critical infrastructure modernization and completion of delayed maintenance projects that reflect 21st-century changes in library usage.


Cultivate an engaged, inclusive, and informed staff in order to meet the academy's goal of building a community of role models, continuous learners, and leaders.


  • Improve communication, conversation, and team building across library departments in order to ensure the organization is more inclusive and staff are informed.
  • Prioritize professional development for all staff to foster an engaged staff who are invested in the success of the organization.
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace in which all staff are valued, included, and treated equitably.
  • Engage in a staffing audit to ensure the library has the correct number of billets, the optimal skill sets, and the best possible organization to maximize contributions to the Naval Academy mission.
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