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Nimitz Library

Film Collection Highlights

Men of Annapolis

The Nimitz Library has all 39 episodes of the 1957-1961 television series "Men of Annapolis". The Naval Academy obtained permission from MGM Studios to have a video copy of the series made from the collection at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre Archives, Wisconsin Historical Society. This series provides an interesting and idealized window into Naval Academy life at that time. This collection of items is restricted to Naval Academy-use only. List of Episodes

Silent Service

The Naval Academy was given a complete set of the television series "Silent Service" by Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers (USNA 1927). The series chronicles some of the important submarine actions of World War II. Through the generous support of the USNA Class of 1956, these films have been cleaned, repaired and transferred to DVD format. This collection of items is restricted to Naval Academy-use only. List of Episodes

USNA at the Movies

The collection currently includes several older movies that contain Naval Academy storylines. While not all "Hollywood" films about USNA are available at this time, we can offer these titles.

Class of 1956

The Class of 1956 provided funding to clean, repair and preserve the historical images of the Naval Academy that were located in the 16 mm film archive. The staff of the Multimedia Support Center and the Nimitz Library's Special Collections and Archives Division identified more than 100 films that were in poor physical condition. Once these films were cleaned, repaired and digitized to DVD format, the films are to be sent to the National Archives where proper temperature controlled storage space is available. This is an ongoing project so some of these titles are not yet available in the Audiovisual Collection. List of Titles Preserved

USNA-Produced Films

These films are a subset of the films preserved through the generosity of the Class of 1956 (previous paragraph). These films which include titles such as "Three Cheers on a June Day" (1968), "Midshipmen Writing Home" (1927) and "My School, U.S. Naval Academy" (date unknown) were produced to recruit Midshipmen. Other subjects covered include the Naval Preparatory School and etiquette for the young Naval officer. This is an ongoing effort, and not all of these films have been entered into the collection. A list of USNA produced films will be forthcoming.

Ted Bogacz Collection

The Ted Bogacz Memorial Music Collection is a compilation of classical music CD's named in honor of this history faculty member who passed away in 1994.

Jazz Music Collection

In response to the teaching needs of some history faculty members, the Library purchased a jazz collection in 2003, using gift funds. The collection includes most of the important artists and songs of this American music style. (Jazz Collection subject search)

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