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Harold Hayden Eames Seamanship Notebook, 1885, MS 493
Harold Hayden Eames was an officer in the United States Navy, member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1882, and early automobile executive. The Harold Hayden Eames Seamanship Notebook, comprising a single volume, was kept by Eames in 1885 while serving as an Ensign aboard U.S.S. Kearsarge (Screw sloop-of-war) in the Mediterranean.
George T. Ellis Journal, 1917-1918, MS 475
George T. Ellis was an ensign in the Naval Coast Defense Reserve. The George T. Ellis Journal, comprising a single volume of documentation, spans from November 1917 until August 1918. The journal, consisting of both a personal log and training notes, is a product of Ellis' training, service, and occasional convoy duty as an officer in the Naval Coast Defense Reserve, First District during World War I.
William Henshaw Ellis Memoirs - The Years of Adventure, 1992, MS 307
William Henshaw Ellis was an officer in the Royal Navy. His memoir, The Years of Adventure details Ellis' service in the Royal Navy before and during World War II aboard the H.M.S. Basilisk, H.M.S. Douglas, H.M.S. Garth, H.M.S. Harrier, H.M.S. King George V, and other vessels.
U.S.S. Enterprise, Log for Cruise of '97, 1897, MS 179
The journal, compiled by Irving R. Wilmot, is the product of a practice cruise aboard U.S.S. Enterprise during her service as a training vessel for the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The cruise, which began at Boston, touched at Southampton, Le Havre, Gibraltar, Madeira, and Bermuda. The journal notes daily weather conditions, sailing/steaming conditions, ship's course, Wilmot's daily duties, and daily occurrences aboard ship.
Journal of the U.S.S. Erie and the U.S.S. Constitution, 1819-1821, (transferred to MS 2)
Midshipman Samuel Francis Du Pont kept this journal as part of his naval training. About half the volume relates to the sloop-of-war Erie, covering the dates 2 October 1819 to 20 January 1820. The second half of the journal, spanning the dates 12 May 1821 to 22 October 1821, relates to the cruise of the frigate Constitution from Boston to the Mediterranean to serve on station as the Mediterranean Squadron's flagship. Du Pont was a career naval officer. During the Civil War, he was in command of the South Atlantic Blockading squadron from 18 September 1861 to 3 June 1863.
Journal of the U.S.S. Essex, 1877-1878, (transferred to MS 3)
No description available.
Letterbook of the U.S.S. Essex (Incoming Correspondence), 1876-1879, (transferred to MS 3)
No description available.
Letterbook of the U.S.S. Essex (Incoming Correspondence from the Navy Department), 1876-1879, (transferred to MS 3)
No description available.
Letterbook of the U.S.S. Essex (Outgoing Correspondence), 1876-1879, (transferred to MS 3)
No description available.
Log of the U.S.S. Essex, 1881-1882, MS 129
The logbook, spanning from November 12, 1881 to November 30, 1882, is the product of a period of repairs at Norfolk, followed by Essex's cruise to ports including Funchal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Monvrovia, Montevideo, various ports in the Straits of Magellan, Valparaiso, Coquimbo, Iquique, and Callao.
Watch- and Quarter-Bills of the U.S.S. Essex, circa 1812, MS 65
Watch and quarter bills of the U.S.S. Essex while under the command of David Porter. Beginning from the front of the volume are sections for the quarter bill; watch bill and hammock list; watch bill in three watches; reefing, loosing, and furling sails; dimensions of the standing and running rigging of the Essex; and the general dimensions of the Essex. Beginning from the back of the volume are sections for a quarter bill and watch bill.
William Maxwell Evarts Letters, 1839-1905 (bulk 1839-1879), MS 235
William Maxwell Evarts was an American lawyer and statesman who served as Attorney General under President Andrew Johnson, as Secretary of State under President Rutherford B. Hayes, and as a Senator from New York. The Evarts Letters consist of Evarts' copies of letter written by him to his friend, lawyer and author Richard Henry Dana, Jr. The letters pertain to Evarts' and Dana's careers and social lives, Evarts' attempts to be appointed to the Supreme Court, the trial of Jefferson Davis, the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, attempts to unseat Benjamin Butler from Congress, and Dana's nomination as Ambassador to Great Britain.
Emil Henry Eycke Papers, 1880-1907, MS 377
Emil Henry Eycke was an enlisted sailor and boatswain in the United States Navy. The Eycke Papers span the period of 1880 through 1907 and focus on Eycke's United States Navy career, including his service in the Spanish-American War and his trips to Cuba as a member of the crew of U.S.S. Denver.


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