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Manuscript Collections

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Naval Bills and Memoranda, MS 41
Watch, quarter, station, and fire bills for various classes of U.S. Navy vessels, as well as instructions, assignments, and memoranda for the furling and unfurling of sails, the staffing of the mess, the duties of yeomen, rendering of salutes, the manning of boats, the routines of first lieutenants, and the outfitting of a ship's band. An index is included at the front of the volume.
Naval Mine Notebook, 1941-1953, MS 401
Malcolm Stearns, Jr. was an officer in the United States Naval Reserve during World War II. Stearns' Naval Mine Notebook and its enclosures span from 1941 until 1944, with several entries from 1953. The notebook details allied and enemy naval mine design, as well as minelaying and minesweeping operations during World War II.
Naval Tactics and Engineering Notebook, 1914-1915 (approximate), MS 522
The Naval Tactics and Engineering Notebook was presumably kept between 1914 and 1915. The volume consists of ten tactical problems set in the Pacific, as well as notes on ships' engines, mechanical systems, and electrical engineering.
Navy Operation Plans and Orders, 1941-1945, MS 418
The Navy Operation Plans and Orders span from 1941 to 1944, and consist entirely of captured Japanese naval plans and orders from World War II. The plans and orders, which also include charts, glossaries, tabular data, and subject indexes, touch upon Japanese preparations for war with the United States, Operation Sho, destroyer and cruiser doctrines, North Pacific operations, the Ominato Guard District, Philippine operations, and various other Japanese Navy operational doctrines and strategies.
Gordon W. Nelson Letters, 1911-1916, MS 543
Gordon W. Nelson was an officer in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1914. The Gordon W. Nelson Letters span from 1911 until 1916. The letters, written by Nelson to his mother, describe his day to day experiences as a midshipman, his summer training cruises, and his early experiences as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy.
Daniel D. T. Nestell Papers and Sketches, 1852-1911, MS 310
The Daniel D. T. Nestell Papers, spanning from 1852 to 1911, focus primarily on Nestell's service and experiences as an Assistant Surgeon in the United States Navy during the Civil War. The papers describe Nestell's naval career, from his initial appointment through his retirement and subsequent pension claims, including descriptions of his time as a Confederate prisoner of war, and eyewitness accounts of numerous naval engagements, including the First Battle of Galveston, the Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Phillip, and the Siege of Vicksburg, through a series of original drawings.
This collection is also available electronically in the Nimitz Library Digital Collections.
Joel Newsom Papers, 1917-1948, MS 255
Joel Newsom was an officer in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1921. The Newsom Papers focus on Newsom's finances as a midshipman and duty stations as an officer, including his command of the submarine tender U.S.S. Otus during the Japanese air raid on Cavite on December 10, 1941.
Muster Rolls of the Officers and Men attached to the New York Navy Yard, 1813-1815, MS 93
Muster rolls for the individual gunboats, and for the flotilla in general, defending New York Harbor during the War of 1812. Also included are muster rolls for the New York Navy Yard and vessels held in ordinary at the Yard, as well as a list of officers attached to the New York station.
Smith Woodward Nichols Papers, 1859-1874, MS 266
Smith Woodward Nichols was an officer in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1862. The papers pertain primarily to Nichols' time as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, including his summer cruise aboard U.S.S. Plymouth, and his subsequent service as an officer in the U.S. Navy at the Boston Navy Yard and aboard U.S.S. Omaha.
Chester William Nimitz Papers, 1941-1966, MS 236
The Chester William Nimitz Papers are primarily a collection of letters (mostly photocopies) from Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz (1885-1966) to his wife Catherine and to his friends Captain Leonard Miscall, Dr. Lloyd Reynolds, and Frank G. Nagle. The correspondence covers the years 1941-1966.
Nimitz Library Project Files, 1965-1988 (bulk 1978-1984), MS 243
The Nimitz Library Project Files pertain to specific personnel and review projects in the late 1970's and early 1980's, specifically, the SHORSTAMPS program, the Commercial Activities (Contracting Out) Program, and accreditation, including Middle States.
Nimitz Library Records, 1969-1999, MS 240
The Nimitz Library Records cover the time period 1969 through 1999 and are concerned with Library planning and construction, the Library opening and dedication, and some of the Nimitz Library’s early history. The collection consists of collateral equipment lists, interior design brochures, photographs, records pertaining to the Nimitz Library dedication, and a few news articles.
Richard Mueller Nixon Letters, 1923-1930 (bulk 1926-1930), MS 426
Richard Mueller Nixon was an officer in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1930. Spanning from 1923 to 1930, the Nixon letters touch upon various aspects of student life at the Naval Academy, including academics, athletics, summer cruises, conduct and discipline, and the activities of Nixon's classmates.
This collection is also available electronically in the USNA Digital Collections.
Station bills &c. of the U.S. Ship North Carolina, 1824, MS 75
The volume consists primarily of the bills of the North Carolina during her service as Commodore John Rodgers' flagship in the Mediterranean Squadron. The bills include subsections for quarter bill; fighting bill; watch bill; loosing and furling; mooring and unmooring; making sail getting underway; reefing and hoisting; tacking and veering; mess bill; and gun cleaning. The bills are followed by orders, including orders for certain evolutions of the squadron and internal regulations of the North Carolina signed by Captain C. W. Morgan. At the end of the volume is a copy of the general orders of the U.S.S. Shark, commanded by Matthew C. Perry.
Register of Letters, North Pacific Squadron, 1869, MS 292
The North Pacific Squadron was commanded by Rear Admiral Thomas Tingey Craven from August 1868 until December 1869. The Register of Letters, dating from a six-month span of Craven's command and most likely kept by Squadron Secretary H.L. Craven, is a chronological record of correspondence received and forwarded by the squadron. Entries consist of date received and forwarded, correspondents' names, and topical coverage.


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