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Nimitz Library


Professor William Chauvenet, Head of the Department of Mathematics 1845-1853

Professor William Chauvenet, Head of the Department of Mathematics 1845-1853, and a member of the Naval Academy's original faculty. Chauvenet was in charge of the Shore School for Midshipmen at the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, the immediate forerunner of Annapolis. His comprehensive two-year curriculum plan for the education of naval officers submitted to Secretary of the Navy, George Bancroft culminated in the establishment of the Naval School at Annapolis, MD. [#868; 219K]

Dr. Albert A. Michelson is honored

Nobel Prize Winner honored at Academy - Prof. William Jeffries, (left) Director of the Naval Academy Museum and Dave Christie, Exhibit Director admire a new two-panel display in honor of Dr. Albert A. Michelson, a member of the Class of 1873. Dr. Michelson was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University on October 21, 1973. [#7390; 219K]

Professor Theodore J. Benac

Professor Theodore J. Benac, a member of the Division of Math and Science from July 1941 until November 1997. Dr. Benac received numerous honors and awards during his tenure at USNA, including the Civilian Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence, Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, and The Council for Advancement and Support of Education Maryland Professor of the Year Award, 1990. [#837 dated 1971: 219K]

Professor E. B. (Ned) Potter

Professor E.B. (Ned) Potter, served on the faculty of the History Department from 1941-1977 and as professor emeritus from 1978 until his death in 1997. He was Chairman of Naval History for twenty years and in that capacity led his colleagues as editor of Sea Power: A Naval History, published in seven languages and still used as a textbook at USNA and elsewhere. He taught naval history and strategy at the Army, Naval, and National war colleges, and published three biographies of famous American naval officers: Nimitz, Halsey, and Burke. [#1120 dated 7 October 1976; 219K]

Professor Samuel P. Massie, Jr.

Professor Samuel P. Massie, Jr., joined the Department of Chemistry in 1966 as the first black faculty member of the Naval Academy. In 1998, Chemical & Engineering News, published by the American Chemical Society, named Dr. Massie to their list of the "TOP 75 DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTORS TO THE CHEMICAL ENTERPRISE". The Department of Energy established the Samuel P. Massie Chair of Excellence Program and committed $14.7 million in grants to nine historically black colleges and universities and one Hispanic-serving institution from 1994-1999. [#1057; 219K]

Professor Rae Jean Goodman--first woman civilian faculty member

Professor Rae Jean Goodman joined the Naval Academy economics department in August 1973 and became the first woman civilian faculty member at the Academy. She also holds the distinction as the first woman tenured at the Naval Academy and the first woman faculty member promoted to full professor. In addition to her work in the Economics Department, Professor Goodman currently serves as Director of Teaching and Learning for the Faculty Enhancement Center. [#951, 1979 classroom photo; 219K]

Wireless telegraphy experiment at USNA

First wireless telegraphy experiment at the Naval Academy. Professor Nathaniel M. Terry and members of the class of 1903 watch the operation of the tuned circuit of the Hertzian Gap. Photo taken during the academic year of 1901-1902. [#2490; 263K]

USMA cadets visit USNA classroom

West Point Cadets visit a USNA classroom during Cadet-Midshipman exchange weekend in 1949. [#1402; 219K]

Superintendents of the other Academies visit USNA (1958)

The Superintendents of the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Air Force Academy visited the U.S. Naval Academy, Sept 23, 1958. LT GEN Garrison H. Davidson, U.S. Army, Supt. of the Military Academy (left) and MAJ GEN James E. Briggs, U.S. Air Force, Supt. of the Air Force Academy (right) discussed matters of mutual interest to the three academies with RADM Charles L. Melson, U.S. Navy, Supt. of the Naval Academy. The Superintendents repaid a visit made by ADM Melson to West Point and Colorado Springs prior to his assuming duties as Naval Academy Superintendent. [#8347; 241K]

Interior shot of Mahan Hall

Interior of Mahan Hall, which served as a USNA Library from 1907 until 1973 when the current Nimitz Library was opened. Photo taken in 1960. [#6076; 248K]

Exchange weekend for USMA cadets at USNA, 1972

Exchange Weekend. West Point Cadet at Naval Academy. 1972 [#4695; 263K]

Solar energy powered car

Midshipman First Class James O'Connell demonstrates the use of the solar energy powered car he and four other midshipman physics majors, members of the Naval Academy's chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma--a national physics honor society--built for the Army-Navy game to publicize the society and uses of solar energy, 16 December 1975. [#4026; 225K]

USNA Aerospace engineering class 1977

Aerospace Engineering Class, 1977 [#2439; 219K]

USNA Naval systems engineering class 1982

Naval Systems Engineering Class, 1982 [#2453; 219K]

Professor William W. Jeffries

Professor William W. Jeffries taught history at the Naval Academy for thirteen years and then served as Senior Professor in the English, History, and Government Department for fifteen years. In 1971 he was selected as the Naval Academy Archivist. Under his leadership, the USNA Archives was integrated into the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and in 1985, the Naval Academy Archives became one of the seven NARA affiliated archives. On August 12, 1991, the Naval Academy Archives was officially dedicated as the William W. Jeffries Memorial Archives. [#2073; 603K]

Professor Vernon Tate at his desk

Professor Vernon Dale Tate served as the Naval Academy Librarian from 1956 to 1966 and as the Academy's first Archivist from 1967 until his retirement in 1969. [216K; USNA]

Professor Richard A. Evans

Professor Richard A. Evans came to the Naval Academy in 1967, from the position of library director at the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory. He served as Librarian and Professor at the Academy until his retirement in 1991. Professor Evans was responsible for designing the Nimitz Library, which opened in 1973, and subsequently for overseeing its operation. Upon his retirement, he became Librarian Emeritus and Professor Emeritus. [726K; USNA]

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