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The Story of John Paul Jones

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Percy Keese Fitzhugh (1876-1950) wrote over 100 books for young readers. He was probably best known for his Tom Slade, Roy Blakeley, Pee-Wee Harris, and Westy Martin series, which were all about Boy Scouts and Scouting. The Young Folks Colonial Library series consisted of biographies of Revolutionary War heroes Ethan Allen, "Mad" Anthony Wayne, Francis Marion, Richard Montgomery, Johann De Kalb, and John Paul Jones.

The New York publisher McLoughlin Brothers was for many years the leading American supplier of children’s literature. The firm pioneered in the systematic use of color illustration and printing technology. In its heyday, it employed seventy-five artists, including Thomas Nast, Palmer Cox, Josephine Pollard, William Momberger, Ida Waugh, and Howard Pyle. Sarah Noble Ives was the illustrator for The Story of John Paul Jones. A collection of the company’s archival drawings and prints is located at the American Antiquarian Society.

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