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Printing Allocation Increase Request Form

Please use this form to submit a request to increase to your USNA Nimitz Library Print Allocation of 100 pages per semester. Please note that all requests for an increase to your allocation are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and an increase is not guaranteed. Please understand that submitting a request for an additional printing allocation may result in a review of your prior print activity in order to determine whether additional printing privileges are warranted. Nimitz Library staff member Nicholas Brown , (or his designee) will respond to all requests within 1-2 business days of receiving them.

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### Nimitz Library Printing Policy The Nimitz Library provides limited free printing for **academic purposes** as a service to the Naval Academy community. Since resources are limited, each person is granted an allocation of 100 pages per term, with the summer blocks counting as one. It is the responsibility of each individual to monitor his or her use of this allocation. The Nimitz Library <a href="">Printing Policy</a> defines "academic purposes" as those activities directly related to midshipmen enrollment in credit bearing courses.
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Printing Allocation Increase Request Form :: Nimitz Library :: USNA