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Nimitz Search Help & Video Tutorial

Nimitz Search simplifies the process of finding information in the Nimitz Library. It searches through our massive collection of books, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, e-books, dissertations, conference proceedings, and numerous academic databases. Rather than search for all of these things in separate databases, Nimitz Search lets you find them all at once, quickly and easily. Even better, it's tied directly to what is available through the Nimitz Library, online or in print.

Ready to get started with Nimitz Search?  Check out our brief video (best viewed in IE) or the FAQs below for more information. Reference librarians can also help you. 
Why use Nimitz Search?

A search in Nimitz Search effectively searches the content of dozens of our electronic database and journal subscriptions at once and provides the best combined search results.  You’ll use library resources you didn't know existed or were relevant, and get faster and more accurate results to begin your research.

What do I search in Nimitz Search? What does it include?

Nimitz Search searches the full-text content of ebooks, ejournals, and databases based on your search query. Nimitz Search does not search all library e-resources. Because of this, Nimitz Search is a great place to begin your research, but should not be your only library search tool. 

Resources are marked on the Database A to Z page with a Icon if they do not provide all their results in Nimitz Search. Also, check out the Research Guides for your subject area for other great databases and tools that will have additional materials for your research topic. 

Please note that Nimitz Search indexes the full-text content of specific journals and books, rather than the content of whole databases.  In some cases Nimitz Search has indexed everything in a database, but others are not 100% searchable by Nimitz Search, so even resources not indexed in Nimitz Search may give new information when searched directly. 

How is Nimitz Search different from the catalog (um, and what is a catalog)?

Our library catalog is a search tool for finding most of the print and electronic resources available through the library.  It can search the titles and other information about a resource (author, subjects, etc.) but does not search the actual full-text of the resources in question.  Nimitz Search will search within the content of our electronic resources (not our print resources, unfortunately), but the way it searches and the information it is searching isn’t under our control the way our catalog records are.

Will Nimitz Search tell me if an item is in the catalog?

Yes!  Search results in Nimitz Search for physical materials will link directly to the catalog records.

Does Nimitz Search have advanced searching?
Yes!  Next to the search button is a black button with a downward-facing arrow.  Click it to access an advanced search screen where you can create a more powerful search.
How do I refine searches?

After you do a search, you can select from filters and refinements on the left side of the screen.  You can limit your search by content type, subject, year of publication (to a specific year or a range), and library location in the case of physical materials.  You can select more than one option for each category, for example you can select journal articles and books as content type filters and return all resources that are either journal articles or books.  These refinements will remain in place when you search again.

How do I get the full-text content after I find a citation?

If your item is available in full-text online, you will see the words "Available Online" or "Full Text Online" after the citation.  For these items, just click the title and one of two things will happen.  Either you will be taken directly to the article, or you will go to an intermediate page where you can pick one of multiple resources which can provide the article.

Sometimes, your item will not be a part of the Nimitz Library collections. Be sure to note the citation of the resource before you click it, so that you can place an interlibrary loan request (USNA only) to have the item sent to us from another library.

Is Nimitz Search usable with mobile interfaces?

Nimitz Search will work with smart phone and tablet interfaces.  However, all our resources require you use a hardwired computer on-campus or use VPN to authenticate.  You may find resources you cannot immediately access.  If using a mobile device, authenticate via your Internet browser at before using Nimitz Search.

Where can I get more help?

We are always happy to help you use Nimitz Search, or any of the library resources!  You can:

  • Talk to the subject specialist for your research area
  • Stop by the Reference Desk in Nimitz Library
  • Call the Reference Desk at 410-293-3240
  • Or email us at
How do I report a problem?

If any aspect of the Nimitz Search experience fails to work, you can contact the Electronic Resources Librarian to resolve the issue at  You can also contact the library reference desk at (410) 293-2420.

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