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Midshipman Action Group
Midshipman Action Group

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a nationwide program created to provide female mentorship and empowerment for elementary school aged girls and to encourage them to live an active, healthy life. They spend a semester training for a 5k run. The Naval Academy sends MIDS out Monday through Thursday and volunteers at the semester 5k. We also host the girls on the Naval Academy once a year for Girls on the Yard.


"Girls on the Yard is a fantastic opportunity for Midshipmen to have a lasting impact on the youth that live in Annapolis, and we are thankful for Girls on the Run and the impact that the program has had on the leadership and development of midshipmen. I hope that everyone, regardless of age, will leave Girls on the Yard with a sense of empowerment and perseverance, knowing that the answer is never to quit." - MIDN Sidney Knipple, '19


"We are thrilled for our girls to have the opportunity to participate in this midshipmen-hosted event for the sixth straight year. I am always amazed at how many girls live so close to the Naval Academy yet have never been on the yard or interacted with these amazing midshipmen. Girls on the Yard provides the opportunity for these girls to gain an understanding of what the Naval Academy is about, set goals for themselves by wanting to emulate the midshipmen they meet, and expand their horizons by experiencing such a fun event in a truly special place." - Susan Thraxton, Executive Director of Girls on the Run of the Greater Chesapeake