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Midshipman Action Group
Midshipman Action Group

Mids for Kids

Mids for Kids is a program where midshipmen volunteer in local elementary and middle schools during their free periods. It is the largest service project on the Yard, with hundreds of midshipmen participating each semester. Midshipmen can work with an array of students between different grade levels, special needs students, and at-risk youth. Mids for Kids provides the opportunity for mentorship as well as strengthening the Naval Academy's relationship with the local community!


"I have worked with a ton of different schools and have had a range of experiences working with Mids for Kids. When I was at Annapolis Elementary as a plebe, I had the opportunity to relax during the school day and help out in a kindergarten class during playtime and PE. Later, at Annapolis Middle, I applied my knowledge of Spanish, which I had studied at the Naval Academy, to teach math to ESL students. Further down the line at Moss Academy, which is an alternative learning school, I had the chance to work one-on-one with an at-risk student and build a mentoring relationship. While each experience I've had is different, I love how they all provide me the opportunity to get to know the kids, help them learn and grow, and give back to the local community surrounding the Naval Academy." - 2/C Yash Khatavkar