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Midshipman Action Group
Midshipman Action Group

Special Olympics

Spring Games

Every year, the the Naval Academy hosts the Special Olympics swim events and track and field events. MAG pairs midshipmen with an athlete for either the aquatics or track and field day. The event provides the athletes an opportunity to compete in their respective events while providing the midshipmen a rewarding experience in assisting their athlete.

MAG traditionally leads the volunteer charge for Special Olympics within the Brigade, the combination of MAG and varsity team captains helps make this the largest Special Olympic volunteer event.


Soccer Qualifier

Around 30 volunteers help assist the athletes during the soccer game.  They also assist in setup, cleanup, and most importantly, cheer them on!


Around 16 volunteers help athletes prepare for Winter Games by doing light conditioning of various distances. Volunteers also assist in relay exchanges, and teach athlete's how to pass other athletes rather than catch up to and then continue to run behind them.


Around 4 volunteers per practice help athletes with various basketball technical skills. They provide assistance to coaches during drills and are occasionally used as extra players while scrimmaging.


Around 12 volunteers help teach basic swimming skills and techniques through guidance of coach. Focus is on backstroke and freestyle. Volunteers actually get in water to help with instruction. Three practices occur during time period with each practice having more proficient swimmers.