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Midshipmen Black Studies Club
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Ladies Penta
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Committee Meeting
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Our Work

How can I join MBSC?

Anyone can join the Midshipman Black studies Club. Regardless of race, if you are looking for a close knit family or a comfortable home on the yard, then MBSC is for you! All you have to do is show up, or contact one of our executive board members.

When are our meetings?

We meet during the first Sunday of every month form 1800-1900 in Chauvenet 100 unless otherwise announced via email or calendar.

I don’t have a lot of free time. Are there still ways for me to be involved in MBSC?

Absolutely! As a midshipman, we understand that time is limited. But, feel free to simply drop in on our meetings or participate in any of our scheduled programs. Even if you can only spare five or ten minutes, that time is valuable to us.

Is MBSC just for African Americans?

No! Although the mission of MBSC is centered on African American midshipman, it is not exclusive to this particular ethnicity. In fact, we welcome and encourage people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds to participate.

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