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Midshipmen Development Center

Group Therapy, Workshops, Counseling

MDC offers a men and women's only groups for trauma, a 4/C Survival group, as well as PRT groups.

 WHY would group counseling be good for you? (More info coming soon)

See the drop down menu's below with a detailed description of what we have to offer!

4/C Survival Group

Led by: CAPT Ralph, USN

       This group is specifically for members of the Class of 22 who are dealing with the stressful circumstances that are an integral part of one's first year at USNA.  These include struggles related to being away from home for the first time, changes in relationships resulting from this, academic difficulties, struggles with professional requirements, and everything else associated with plebe year. We will talk about effective ways to deal with homesickness, self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, and failing at a rate you've never failed before, We will also discuss strategies for increasing resilience, coping with failure, and overcoming obstacles to success.  Those who are interested should schedule an appointment at MDC. Group participation can start after an initial meeting with one of our counselors.

PRT Group

Led by: Dr. Mohler

          This group offers mental prep for the PRT. If you feel that you are physically able to pass the PRT, but you have troubles with the "mental game," then this may be right for you! Come down to MDC for more details. 

Trauma Specialty Groups

Led by: Dr. Karen Taylor

More on this group coming soon. 

Process Group

Led by: LT Dimond and our intern, Lorin Leake

Issues in our lives often stem from or occur in relationships with others. The MDC's weekly process gorup provides a space for you to develop greater awareness of how you relate to yourself and others. This group offers a chance to increase awareness of thoughts and feelings in the moment, understand patters in how we relate to others, and effectively give and receive feedback. 

Topics of discussion will vary based on what individual group members bring up each week, but may include stress/anxiety, relationships, family concerns, eating and body image concerns, self-esteem, race or cultural identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, academic concerns, depression, and more. 

When and Where?

The group meets Wednesdays from 1200-1245 in MDC. 

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