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Midshipmen Development Center

Psychological Trauma

Midshipmen dealing with the impact of psychological trauma are encouraged to seek help at the MDC.

Psychological trauma is an umbrella term for a spectrum of reactions and responses to experiences that threaten our safety and overwhelm our typical coping skills and/or that disrupt or curtail our experience of the world. Such experiences may be rape/sexual assault; emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse; neglect; harassment; stalking; exposure to war or combat; captivity/solitary confinement; the cumulative impact of racial, ethnic, and/or gender discrimination; genocide; human trafficking; the sudden loss of loved ones; natural disasters; car accidents; loss of home or livelihood; and/or some highly invasive medical treatments. While referred to as psychological (as opposed to a medical/physical trauma), this does not mean that it is “all in your head.” In fact, the trauma response and trauma symptoms engage and impact multiple physiological systems throughout the body, from the nervous system to the immune system.


How do I schedule an appointment at MDC?
There are several ways to make an appointment at the MDC: submit an intake online, by telephone, or in person.
  1. Online: The easiest way to make an appointment with a dietitian or psychologist is to visit the MDC website. On the MDC homepage, click on "Request an Appointment" or contact the center form in the menu on the left. Follow the instructions, then fill out and submit the "Appointment Request." Once you submit, the MDC Office Manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  2. Telephone: You may contact the MDC at 410-293-4897 to schedule an appointment.
  3. In person: You may visit the MDC in person to ask any questions you may have prior to filling out the Intake Form.

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