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Multimedia Support Center
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MSC Graphics Lab
MSC Graphics Lab

Classroom Technology

If you are having problems with the equipment before or during class and would like MSC to come and give you a hand, please call the MSC Service Desk, 410-293-4028, to register a Trouble Call.

Work requests may be submitted through the MSC Service Desk by telephone (410-293-4028), email ( or visit the Service Desk located on the ground deck of Nimitz Library, Room G0001.

Engineering work requests include Installations (permanent or temporary), Operational Assists (Op Assist), Operational Checks (Op Check) and Consultations (event and classroom setup and equipment purchase including Digital Signage.)


Permanent Installations consist of mounting or installing A/V equipment in a room for an extended period of time. These installations require approval by the MSC Director. Temporary installations involve the set up and operation of A/V equipment for USNA approved events in venues where A/V equipment is not permanently installed, i.e., Memorial Hall, Smoke Hall, Halsey Field House, etc. Temporary Installations can run from a half day/evening to an entire semester. Longer term installations must be reviewed and approved by the MSC COR.

Operational Assists

An Op Assist may be scheduled to review the operation of the A/V equipment in a particular classroom, lecture hall, or seminar room prior to a class/event. A member of the MSC engineering staff will meet you to demonstrate the proper operation and use of the equipment and will answer any questions you may have. 

Operational Checks

An Op Check may be scheduled to ensure that the A/V equipment in a classroom/lecture hall/seminar room is functioning properly. A member of the MSC engineering staff will verify that the equipment installed in the classroom, lecture hall, or seminar room is functioning properly.


Consultations are available for event planning, equipment recommendations, classroom design, assistance with equipment specifications and any other AV design needs, including Digital Signage. (Our Graphics Department can assist with Digital Signage Content.) 

If you are unsure how to plan for the A/V needs of your conference or class setup, we are more than happy to meet with you and assist you with ideas on how to set up your classroom or event for maximum effect. Consultations should be scheduled at least one week prior to the actual event.

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