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Multimedia Support Center

Collaborative Workstations

Two collaborative workstations are available on a first come, first served basis in the MSC Graphics Technology Lab.  The lab offers additional evening hours Mon-Thurs until 2300 during the academic year.  The units are easy to use, instructions are provided and a support staff is always available.

Designed for group work, students are seated together at a large custom table.  They can use up to four laptops and project their screens to the large flat panel monitor.  A simple stroke of the keyboard allows users to switch between their laptops and a PC loaded with video and graphic software.

While one student is searching the library catalog for useful journal articles, others can be putting together data charts, editing video, and writing the research paper.  Together they can collaborate on their research and presentation simply by switching back and forth between their laptops and the MSC computer.  With the adaptation of Google Docs, multipoint access to document creation can allow for real-time collaboration.

Collaborative learning is about more than dividing assignments and putting the individual work together in a linear fashion.  Collaboration is working to gather and evaluate resource material, brainstorm and debate processes and analysis into uncovering new conclusions.  In effect, creating knowledge.

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