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MSC Graphics Technology Lab Policy

 MSC Graphics Policy 

Purpose:  To provide guidelines for use of the Graphics Department’s facilities, personnel, and materials.

Background, Multimedia Support Center:   MSC is a unit within the Academic Dean's Cost Center.  It is staffed and equipped to provide high-quality  multimedia support to Naval Academy personnel: midshipmen, faculty and staff.  Its primary focus is to support Academics, including all midshipman work relating to class assignments, faculty and staff work intended for classroom instructions, faculty work relating to research, and staff projects within the Dean's Cost Center.

MSC Graphics:

  • is primarily a self‑help operation.  Midshipmen, faculty and staff are expected to learn graphics skills under the supervision of a graphics artist.  MSC Graphics staff may produce posters, video/audio editing and digitization, and presentations (web‑based or PC‑based) for faculty and staff if such work is approved, in advance and in writing, by the MSC Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) or the MSC Director.
  • also provides limited services to the other USNA Cost Centers for projects directly supporting Brigade staff, Brigade activities ,and Academy functions, subject to approval in writing by the MSC COR or MSC Director.  Activities that generate income cannot be supported, based on the provisions of the MSC contract currently in place.
  • does not support personal use.(Examples of personal use include: office/building  decor, decorations, home use materials, etc.)
  • offers self-help consultations and training classes for Naval Academy midshipmen, faculty, and staff on a first‑come, first-served basis.  Personnel from tenant activities, non‑appropriated‑ funded activities, and USNA-related private activities may attend classes on a "space available" basis.
  • staff will assist midshipmen, faculty, and staff with computer programs and design assistance for computer-based projects and in preparing design work so that it may be transferred to DAPS for production, printing, and mounting as directed by the appropriate funding source.  MSC Graphics does not support large-quantity printing.

One of the major expenses of the MSC Graphics operation is cost for materials associated with posters (poster board and printing/mounting operations) and vinyl‑lettering production. These services are reserved for Academic projects, Battalion Staff Bulletin boards, and Commandant events (Service Assignment and like events, etc.) Directional or parking signs for events will not be supported. Other approved users desiring material support must secure approval in advance and in writing from the MSC COR or MSC Director.

Midshipmen seeking materials for "spirit boards", booster posters ("Beat Army”), “Pro Reports", Bancroft bulletin boards and personal/non‑academic activities should obtain new materials sold at the Midstore or elsewhere. The graphics staff will provide guidance and design assistance as their time permits.  Midshipmen may also use any excess or scrap material available, but no new materials from the MSC Graphics Department will be used for these projects.

Cases for exceptions to this policy must be made in writing to the Associate Library Director for Resource Management.

Associate Library Director for Resource Management &
Director of Multimedia Support Center:
Mr. Larry Clemens,, 410-293-6926 

MSC Graphics Manager:  
Mr. Brendan Beers,, 410-293-5857

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