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Multimedia Support Center

MSC Graphics Technology Lab Reproduction Policy

The Graphics Technology Lab of the Multimedia Support Center aids midshipmen, faculty and staff in the areas of document design, preparation, and layout for academically related projects such as seminar/symposium posters, Trident Scholar posters, Capstone projects, and class/seminar presentations. 

 The MSC Graphics Technology Lab also supports official events hosted or sponsored by the Superintendent and those related to academic classes by providing similar assistance in the design and layout of signage, posters, and handout materials. Please refer to the MSC Graphics use policy for additional information.

 The Graphics Department’s capabilities are limited to the following:

  • Graphics will aid with the layout and design of the poster or presentation.
  • A single full-size print of the document may be requested after reviewing the poster with the graphic artists in the MSC Graphics Technology Lab.  A request form must be completed with size and finishing specifications.  An 8 ½”x11” proof of the final poster design will be provided by the MSC Graphics Technology Lab for review.
  • Because of the cost of paper and ink, posters must have final signed approval from the proper authority, e.g., instructor, advisor, or department head before printouts will be provided.  This approval should be indicated on the back of the proof provided by MSC or by signing the proofread line on the request form.
  • The poster will be produced by the MSC Graphics Technology Lab once the layout and design review has been completed and approvals have been secured. 
  • The MSC Graphics Technology Lab is not a reproduction/replication service, and cannot make multiple copies of a poster or reprints of a prior printed poster. The MSC Graphics Technology Lab is responsible to produce one original print production that is suitable as a “camera-ready” master copy for printing or photocopying.
  • Upon request, an electronic version of the poster can be provided. 

 The MSC Graphics Technology Lab does not have the resources to reproduce multiple copies of presentation related materials. Customers using government funds and who desire multiple copies of produced materials must contact their funding source (academic department or other USNA office) per USNA Comptroller procedures.  Customers will be informed by the funding source of the details and procedures needed to obtain reproduction services.

Director of Multimedia Support Center:
Carolyn Judge, PhD,, 410-293-6512 

MSC Program Manager 
Mr. Brendan Beers,, 410-293-5853

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