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Multimedia Support Center
MSC Graphics Lab
MSC Graphics Lab

Video Distribution

Video on Demand (VOD)

Faculty may request video programming  be made available to students for viewing over the Internet (Video on Demand).  The VOD Request Form and Student List Form should be submitted to the MSC service desk. Because lead time is dependent on several variable factors, call the service desk for specific deadlines.   VOD Viewing Instructions for the requested programming are available.

Self-Help Video Edit Suites

Two self-help edit suites are available at the MSC Service Desk for making copies of videos or to change video formats. Please bring your own DVD-R blank discs.

Video Duplication/Format

MSC will copy video and audio programs for USNA faculty and staff with some exceptions.  Requests for special projects can be emailed to the MSC Service Desk at 

Copyright and Fair Use

Any duplication of copyrighted material must be accompanied by either a signed copyright release from the copyright holder or a signed Fair Use Form.  Download Fair Use Form

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