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Mathematics Department
Mathematics student

Computing Facilities

Department Network

The Mathematics Department faculty and staff computers are networked using two Windows servers. These provide DNS servers, password security, and local file hosting. The faculty machines run either Windows or Linux or a dual-boot configuration, all of which have an ethernet connection to the internet and approximately 12 network laser printers, including 4 color printers.

Labs and classrooms

The department maintains four (Windows) PC labs which are upgraded on a four-year life cycle. All labs have networked printers. The labs are used for computational mathematics and statistics classes.

  1. Michelson 003 - This has 19 microcomputers.
  2. Michelson 004 - This has 20 microcomputers.
  3. Michelson 006 - This has 21 microcomputers.
  4. Chauvenet 084 - This has 25 microcomputers.
There are currently two Ubuntu Linux computers in the Linux Lab, which is in Chauvenet 327.

In addition, each classroom has a networked PC with internet access, linked to a ceiling-mounted projector. There are about 30 such classroom computers.

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