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Mathematics Department
Mathematics student

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the USNA Mathematics Department?

There are 63 faculty billets, 46 for civilians with doctorates, and 17 for officers with at least masters degrees. Three officers in the Math dept are PMPs (permanent military professors, with PhDs).

What Mathematics courses do midshipmen take?

All take 3 semesters of calculus, and then, depending on major, either differential equations or probability with naval applications. Additional mathematics courses are taken by some majors.

How many midshipmen major in mathematics?

Around 30-40 midshipmen major in pure or applied math each year.

Around 50-60 midshipmen major in operations research each year.

Around 30-40 midshipmen major in mathematics with economics each year.

I have a math question and my Professor is not in his/her office, where can I go get help?

During the day, try the Chauvenet Hall Math Lab, staffed by faculty every period M-F. At night, try MGSP, which has experienced midshipmen helping other students in Statistics, Calculus I-III and Differential Equations.

I'm taking a math course next semester and want to buy the book over the internet ahead of time, are you using the same book?

That decision is made by the course coordinator about midway through the previous semester. You should ask him/her.

I'm thinking of becoming a Math major. Where can I find out more information?

See Mathematics major (SMA and SMP) info, math honors program info, the Operations Research (SMO) major, and Mathematics with Economics major (SME) info. If you're interested in the honors program, you should also talk to your advisor about the Bowman scholar program and the Trident program.

I want to learn more about operations research. Where can I find out more?

The Math Dept also offers a variety of courses in this area. (Search the courses for courses coded with "SA" instead of "SM".) See also the Operations Research (SMO) major.

My math course final is coming up and I'd like to study an old final to help me better understand the "big picture". Where Can I find more information?

You can ask your instructor for old exams. Some course webpages offer old exams in pdf format for download. See also the resources page.

Are there any awards for undergraduate math majors?

Yes. The USNA Math Dept has specific awards. They are all awarded upon graduation. Some external Math contests have prizes as well.

I'm interested in grad school. Do you have any information for me?

See grad school info. Also, you should talk to your advisor about the IGEP, VGEP, and Trident programs.

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