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Mathematics Department
Bancroft Hall

Graduate School Opportunities

Opportunities for further education in applied mathematics or operations research exist at the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey, California, at the Nuclear Power School in Charleston, SC, and at other professional naval establishments.

Midshipmen in the Mathematics Major also compete for places in the Voluntary Graduate Education Program (VGEP), the Immediate Graduate Education Program, (IGEP), and for prestigious national and international fellowships. Recent mathematics majors have earned Master degrees through VGEP studies at the George Washington University, George Mason University, and the University of Maryland, while IGEP participants have continued their mathematical studies at MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Chicago Business School. Mathematics majors have also gone directly to the Navy's medical school in Bethesda, Maryland.

Graduating midshipmen are also potentially eligible for a designation identifying them with a sub-specialty code (0042E) in Operations Analysis. The 42E code may improve their chances of attending the Naval Post-Graduate School in an Operations Analysis curriculum as well as broaden the range of billets available following the officer's first operational tour.

Voluntary Graduate Education Program (VGEP)

VGEP provides an opportunity for highly capable midshipmen to accelerate their undergraduate degree and take graduate classes during their final year. Midshipmen who are accepted in the VGEP must meet the requirements listed. In addition they must finish their undergraduate requirements and be able to complete their graduate study within 7 months of graduation from the Academy.


  • A CQPR of 3.20 or higher
  • A grade of "B" or better in aptitude for commission.
  • A grade of "B" or better in conduct.

The USNAINST below and the corresponding USNANOTE much more detail. Midshipmen who are interested in teaching should consider this program and discuss this option with their advisors.


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