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Mathematics Department
Mathematics classroom

Honors Program


The Mathematics Honors Program affords the most capable Mathematics majors at USNA the opportunity to challenge themselves and excel.


Participants in the Mathematics Honors Program receive special learning experiences, prestige, recognition on the diploma, and "perks" such as special library privileges. The primary requirement to graduate with Honors in Mathematics is the completion of an honors project under the mentorship of a USNA Mathematics Department faculty member.

The Mathematics Honors papers are bound and shelved in Nimitz Library.

The Academic Dean maintains the official matrix of courses for graduation with Honors in Mathematics.

Current Honors Math matrices:


Mathematics grade average of at least 3.5
Overall grade average of at least 3.0
Military grade average of at least 2.5
No 'D' or 'F' grades on the final transcript


Invitations to apply to the honors program are sent to eligible mathematics (all flavors) majors during the spring semester between the 6 week and 12 week marking periods.


This program differs from the standard Mathematics program in that it has the following special course requirements:

  1. SM331H (Real Analysis I) is required instead of SM333 and will be taken in a special section. SM332H (Real Analysis II) is also required and replaces the Free Elective found in the regular matrix.
  2. For the applied mathematics track, both required track electives must be at the 400 level (in addition to the honors project). SM411 is no longer required and is replaced by a breadth elective.
  3. For the pure mathematics track, one of SM411 or SM461 or SM462 is required, and one more mathematics track elective (in addition to the honors project) must also be at the 400 level.
  4. An honors project (one of SM495, SM496, SA495, or SA496) will be taken in place of the usual capstone project course (SM472, SM473, SM474, SA412, or SA475) found in the regular matrix. This project will be more demanding than the usual capstone project and will include an oral report and a written report.

Additional Documentation

Mathematics Honors Papers

Recent Mathematics Honors Papers

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