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Mathematics Department
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Quantitative Economics Major

The quantitative economics major offers a student the opportunity to learn some economic theory as well as acquiring several mathematics languages which may be used in the study of economics. The quantitative economics major is designed to give students the background on which to build in future studies in economics, operations analysis, finance and business administration. Within the Navy, a quantitative economics major will have the preparation to work well in many shore based billets such as at the Pentagon analyzing manpower questions, tactical questions or strategic questions. Outside the Navy, this major opens the door for positions in industry which require any form of analysis. In the quantitative economics major the student takes five required mathematics courses: matrix theory, linear programming, n- dimensional analysis, probability and statistics. The major takes four required economics courses: an introduction to economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. The majors then take two or three elective courses in each of mathematics and economics. Finally they take a capstone course in which they pick an economics question, collect suitable data, perform the analysis on the data and write a small paper describing their results.

Quantitative Economics Major Matrices (prepared by Assoc. Prof. Michael):

Class of 2015:

Class of 2016:

Class of 2017:

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