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Mathematics Department
Students in lab


The Math department faculty conduct research in a broad range of disciplines.

Research Interests

  • Algebra:
    Hoffman, Ksir, Im, Margulies, Melles, Nguyen, Thompson, Traves, Wakefield
  • Topology:
    Hoffman, Im, Ksir, Medynets, Wakefield
  • Combinatorics:
    Chun, Gentry, Kenter, Melles, Wakefield
  • Analysis:
    Alevras, Creutz, Ionescu, Melles, Medynets, Passer, Popovici, Price, Thompson, Withers, Zarikian
  • Applied Mathematics (PDEs, Numerical Analysis, etc.):
    Hottovy, Ionescu, Konkowski, Lee, Liakos, Lunasin, Malek-Madani, Minut, Moore, Seal, Soane
  • Statistics:
    Hawks, Kenter, Matthews, Nguelifack, Park, Ruth, Traves, VanDerwerken
  • Operations Research:
    Curry, Foraker, Gentry, Hawks, Lourenco, Margulies, McGrath, Phillips, Skipper, Svirsko, Traves, Uhan

Midshipmen Research

Honors students complete a research project as part of the requirements for their major.

Many midshipmen also complete undergraduate research under the Bowman Scholar and Trident Scholar programs.

Potential faculty advisors and their interests are listed here.


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