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Mathematics Department

Operator Algebras and Dynamics Seminars

Spring 2018

All talks are from 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the Seminar room, unless otherwise specified.

  • Feb
  • On the rigidity of uniform Roe algebras of coarse spaces
    Bruno de Mendonca Braga
    York University
    Time: 03:45 PM

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    (joint with Ilijas Farah) Given a coarse space $(X,\mathcal{E})$, one can define a $C^*$-algebra $C^*_u(X)$ called the uniform Roe algebra of $(X,\mathcal{E})$. It has been proved by J. \v{S}pakula and R. Willet that if the uniform Roe algebras of two uniformly locally finite metric spaces with property A are isomorphic, then the metric spaces are coarsely equivalent to each other. In this talk, we look at the problem of generalizing this result for general coarse spaces and on weakening the hypothesis of the spaces having property A.
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