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Mathematics Department

Operator Algebras and Dynamics Seminars

Spring 2019

All talks are from 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the Seminar room, unless otherwise specified.

  • Apr
  • Jing Zhou
    University of Maryland
    Time: 03:45 PM
  • Apr
  • Valentin Deaconu
    U. Nevada-Reno
    Time: 03:45 PM
  • Mar
  • Anton Lukyanenko
    George Mason University
    Time: 03:45 PM
  • Feb
  • Mixing properties for infinite local complexity tiling substitutions
    Robbie Robinson
    George Washington University
    Time: 03:45 PM

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    Discrete substitution and finite local complexity substitution tiling dynamical systems can be weakly mixing but not strongly mixing. We discuss examples of infinite local complexity substitution tilings (in d=1 and d=2) that are mixing of all orders and have Lebesgue spectrum. We compare to results on other types of dynamical systems including interval exchanges and rank 1.
  • Jan
  • Local weak∗-Convergence, algebraic actions, and a max-min principle
    Ben Hayes
    University of Virginia
    Time: 03:45 PM

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    This talk will be concerned with algebraic actions, which are actions of a countable, discrete, group G on a compact group X. When G is sofic, a natural question is when the topological entropy and measure entropy of these actions agree. I will show that there is a complete lattice of "generalized subgroups" of X and a max-min principle in this complete lattice which essentially gives a complete answer to when this equality occurs.
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