Vita for Dr. Howard Bluestein:

Howard Bluestein, a native of Boston, MA, is a George Lynn Cross

Research Professor at the School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma

(OU), Norman. He earned an S.B. and S. M. in electrical engineering in

1971 and 1972 and an S. M. and Ph. D. in meteorology in 1972 and 1976

from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been a

professor at OU since 1976; he has taught graduate and undergraduate

courses in synoptic meteorology and graduate courses in mesoscale

meteorology and in convection. He has also been a long-term scientific

visitor in the Mesoscale Microscale Meteorology Division at the National

Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO, an instructor at

COMET (Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education, and

Training) in Boulder, CO, a scientific visitor at the Hurricane Research

Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory of

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Miami, FL, and

the Houghton Lecturer at MIT.


Bluestein's research interests include synoptic and mesoscale

meteorology, severe convective storms and tornadoes, and tropical

cyclones. Having participated in severe-storm intercept projects since

1977, he most recently has been using mobile W- and X-band Doppler

radars to study tornadoes and severe storms. He has been awarded

research grants from the National Science Foundation, NOAA, and NASA. He

is the author of Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology in Midlatitudes, Vols. I

and II (Oxford Univ. Press, 1992 and 1993), Tornado Alley (Oxford Univ.

Press, 1999), for which he received the AMS 2001 Louis J. Battan's

Author's award, and is currently writing a trade book on clouds for

Yale University Press. He is also the author or coauthor of 78 refereed

journal publications and 15 refereed book chapters. His photographs,

which have been published worldwide, have been reproduced on the cover

of Time magazine and in publications such as Scientific American, Le

Figaro Magazine, Geo (Germany and France), Focus (Italy), and

Weatherwise. He has appeared on television on Public Television's

NOVA, on the BBC, Discovery Channel, the Weather Channel, the Learning

Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic television, and in the

IMAX movie Stormchasers.


He is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), and has

served as chair of UCAR's (University Corporation for Atmospheric

Research) Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee, the National Science

Foundation Observing Facilities Advising Panel, and the AMS Committee on

Severe Local Storms. He has served on the National Research Council

(NRC) Board of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) and on the NRC

Committee on Weather Radar Technology Beyond NEXRAD (Next Generation

Radar). He has also served as an associate editor of the AMS

peer-reviewed scientific journal Monthly Weather Review. Bluestein

currently is a member of the AMS Committee on Radar Meteorology. He

testified before a Congressional Subcommittee on the 3 May 1999 tornado

outbreak. He received a Samuel Roberts Noble Presidential Professorship

at OU in 2000 and the AMS Teaching Excellence Award in 2004.