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Mechanical Engineering

American Nuclear Society Student Conference

Every year the American Nuclear Society organizes a student conference where undergraduate and graduate students from universities across the country gather to communicate their work. 
This year we sent seven students (five ENRs and two EMEs) to present work done as part of two Bowman Scholar projects, the two capstone teams and one summer internship.  Four of the seven students were recognized by the conference judging committee:
MIDN 2/C Drew Brenn: Best undergraduate presentation in the Detection and Measurement technical session.

MIDN 1/C Mark Schnabel: Best undergraduate presentation in the Thermal Hydraulics technical session.

*MIDN 1/C Jacob Glesmann: Best presentation in the Radiation Shielding and Protection technical session.

*MIDN 1/C Chris Herrmann: Best presentation in Operations and Power technical sessions.

Prof. Patrick Caton's Field Trip

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