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Mechanical Engineering

Trident Scholar Program

About the Trident Scholar Program

The Trident Scholar Program provides an opportunity for a select group of exceptionally capable midshipmen to engage in independent study and research during their senior year. Naval Academy faculty and other area specialists mentor the Trident Scholars helping them expand their knowledge and contribute to their fields of study.

Current Department Trident Scholars

Trident Scholar: MIDN 1/C Bennitt L. Hermsen (Ocean Engineering)
Adviser(s): Dr. Luksa Luznik (Mechanical Eng.), Dr. Michael Kutzner (Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering)Title: "Near Wake Characteristics of a Marine Propeller in the Presence of Free Stream Turbulence"

Trident Scholar: MIDN 1/C Thomas B. Imhoff (Mechanical Engineering)
Adviser(s): Dr. Samar Malek (Mechanical Eng.)
Title: "A Parametric Study on Bracing Methods for Asymmetrically Loaded Gridshells"

Trident Scholar: MIDN 1/C Stefano Pineda (Mechanical Engineering)
Adviser(s): Dr. Cody Brownell (Mechanical Eng.), Dr. Evelyn Lunasin (Mathematics)
Title: "Direct Numerical Simulation of Laser Induced Quasi Equilibrium Drop Evaporation"

Trident Scholar: MIDN 1/C Nicholas T. Vu (Mechanical Engineering)
Adviser(s): Dr. Ronald Warzoha (Mechanical Eng.), Dr. Andrew Smith (Mechanical Eng.), Dr. Brian Donovan (Physics)
Title: "Thermal Characterization of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys Via Frequency-Domain Thermoreflectance"



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